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About Us


About Us


Southern Star Fireworks delivers some of the most spectacular, innovative displays in the pyrotechnic industry.

For a fully customized, budget friendly wow-factor at your next event, please contact us for a personalised quote. We service both Victoria and South Australia.

We are innovative, creative and experts in creating productions specially curated to your event and budget.


We provide firework displays ranging from birthday parties to corporate functions, club special events, weddings, school fetes, festivals, concerts, product launches and large scale major events.

Southern Star Fireworks also offers theatrical fireworks for indoor music and theatre productions.

Drawing in the big crowds, fireworks are cost effective, high-level entertainment for your next event.

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Our insurance covers any size event within Victoria & South Australia.

We are fully licenced and our fireworks are Worksafe approved using the highest safety standards along with comprehensive event insurance.

All Safety guidelines, appropriate permits and licences are provided and discussed with you prior to the big day. Setting up and laying the firework display is executed in a secure and professional manner. Security and Safety for your property and spectators is always the number one priority.

License No. PYR 0023004585 03


Our Pyrotechnic displays are the product of meticulous planning & choreographing.

The Southern Star Fireworks team are members of the Pyrotechnics Guild International Inc and we keep up to date with all aspects of the fireworks industry.

Our large range of specialized fireworks and special effects are some of the best in the world. Many elements of our displays are the direct result of Kelvin Rogers’ unique innovation and design features, exclusively available through Southern Star Fireworks.


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